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NW London Cat Sitting

Many people have an animal who would not be happy to stay in a cattery or kennel for any amount of time for one reason or another.  The answer for them would be to get a cat sitter to care for their cat at home.

Felix in the laundry basket

Cat Sitting At Home 

Your cat probably feels the safest & happiest in its own home. Even a trip to the vets for a check up or vaccination can be stressful. So why would you stress them out by taking them to a cattery or cat hotel? Even the best facilities just aren’t home & can be extremely expensive.

Getting a Cat Sitter to look after your pet while you are away makes so much sense


  • Someone who will drop by once or twice a day to check that they are OK.
  • Someone who will make sure they have plenty of food.
  • Someone who will administer any medication they need.
  • Someone who will spend time to play & cuddle.
  • Someone who will take photos & videos every day to send to you.
  • Someone who will give peace of mind to cat owners.
  • Someone who will care for your cat in your absence.

You can be confident in the cat sitting professionalism and service from NW London Cat Sitting






Responsibilities of the cat owner

Please make sure that

  • Your animal(s) is/are fully vaccinated
  • You have treated your animal(s) for worms & fleas.
  • You have provided enough food to cover the time you are away
  • You have provided enough litter to cover the time you are away

Responsibilities of the cat sitter

  • To care for the cat(s) as if it were their own.
  • To put out the correct food requirements as per the instructions of the owner
  • To remove used litter & waste from litter tray & dispose according to the owners instructions
  • To spend time with the cat for play & human contact – minimum 30 minutes per visit
  • To send daily photos, videos or other media with the owner
Filoute in the garden

The simple process of booking your cat sitter

  1. Contact Cat with your dates & location
  2. Decide whether you need a visit once or twice a day
  3. Confirmation of the sit & arrange a day & time to meet with you & your cat
  4. Invoice will be sent to cover the number of daily visits for the agreed time period
  5. Keys to be collected at an arranged time
  6. Invoice paid

When we meet for the first time I will ask you about your routines, feeding schedules & amounts, litter tray arrangements, which veterinarian you are with, any medications you need me to administer (NB there may be an extra charge for medication administration). You will be able to ask questions you may have about the service, me or any related issues.